The Company

Grade school is where my love of music began, intensified as drummer in middle school, and naturally evolved into audio enthusiast... mainly through exposure to high performance gear at the local HiFi dealer near my college. My friends were likewise hooked and, looking back, they were probably a bad influence on me—and me on them—as we spent way too much money on equipment. Of course I have no regrets and those times are remembered as some of the best.


Yet those experiences couldn't prepare me for a future that I never expected: The knowledge, personal service, price-performance emphasis, and “test things until you drop” fun have left high end audio and been replaced with dealers that often don’t understand the intricacies of digital networking, aren’t equipped for proper testing, don’t emphasize price-performance, and even worse… sell audio trophies.

The Genesis

From a consumer-enthusiast perspective, the Scottsdale area it particular missed the mark in even more fundamental ways, including the fact that many quality brands were not made available by audio dealers. Harbeth, for example, a beloved speaker brand the world over since 1977, was nowhere to be found. Also conspicuously absent were cutting edge companies like Aurender, which are leading the audio industry in high end digital storage, delivery, and user experience. And the venerable Chord Electronics, one of the most respected names in digital. Ayre Acoustics, Vandersteen... two more of the finest names... absolutely inexplicable that such brands were not represented.


So why not do something about it, I thought. And so I have… Neal Audio. By taking on marquee names, and then synergizing them to match your budget, room acoustics, and personal tastes… the result will satisfy even the most discerning listeners.


The fun is coming back to high end audio, where the priorities are on price-performance, in-home evaluations, digital networking integration, with personalized customer service at its core.


Neal Audio Logo

The music is the trophy.

In Focus: Dana Neal

Dana Neal is the founder of Neal Audio LLC, built with a mission to spread sonic goodness to anyone with ears. His long history as an audio enthusiast continued throughout his military career, where he was an Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot. Later he would become an author and world traveler.


Along with many of his siblings, it was humble beginnings led Dana to the military. Yet this choice would soon become more than just a ticket to an education. He excelled immediately, obtaining honors in basic training and Air Assault School, followed by selection into Officer Candidate School. His career then took him to flight school, followed by Black Hawk helicopter training, and even becoming a rare Army airplane pilot. He holds commercial pilot ratings in both rotary and fixed wing aircraft, and his education from Ohio State University is also oriented towards flying—holding a degree in Aviation with an emphasis on meteorology.

Honor & Integrity

It’s his stellar, honorable history... as a natural, real world problem solver... and his can-do approach to life that he carries with him in everything he does. This track record of success, in combination with Dana's audio acumen, makes Neal Audio the right company to serve the audio enthusiast at every level.