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Neal Audio brings you closer to the ultimate music experience.

Dana Neal is the founder of Neal Audio LLC, built with a mission to spread sonic goodness to anyone with ears. His long history as an audio enthusiast continued throughout his military career, where he was an Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot. Later he would become an author and world traveler. Read more.

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Your In-Home Audio Consultant

Have you ever listened to something at your local HiFi store and it sounds good, but when you put it in your own home, it doesn't? Why doesn’t it sound the same? Because room acoustics and matching equipment synergies change the dynamics.


Now imagine a personal audio professional coming to you… at your convenience… with an in-home high fidelity audition. Now the guesswork is taken out and there are no surprises. Each individual’s unique listening needs are assessed, there’s no obligation to buy anything, and the whole approach is to make the experience fun and exciting.


The old way: walk into a store, listen a bit, walk out with some boxes. Or... go online, believe what you’re reading will work for you, then purchase based on bad or incomplete advice. It’s no wonder that the end result is so often filled with disappointment.

Or... Come to my Showroom

Some consumers prefer to walk into an expert’s showroom in order to experience a wide variety of products—or to simply get away! The option for a private appointment may be provided to accommodate the most challenging of schedules.


The Neal Audio Method

The music should put you in the studio, the music hall, or even better: transport you to another place and time entirely, one that's limited only by your imagination. And yet how do you get there?


It begins by assessing your home network's digital streaming performance, then your electrical system, power followed by a listening session of your current setup if one exists. Next comes a detailed question and answer session, taking into account budget, personal listening tastes, room acoustics, and matching synergies. A customized report is then provided with recommendations on how to achieve your audio goals.


It’s a puzzle—one that can be solved, and the results will satisfy even the most discerning of listeners.


The Audio Report

Tune of the Week: Dizzy’s “Backstroke”

Full disclosure: I’m very particular about my music and started Neal Audio in order to enjoy it to the fullest. There are few bands that actually make it to my favorites list, making it fairly short. Porcupine Tree (and of course Steven Wilson), London Grammar, Howard, and a few others. I listen for hours on …

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Anatomy of High-End Audio Dealer Startup – Part I

Do audio enthusiasts really care about what goes on behind the scenes—the trials and tribulations of a would-be HiFi dealer? If so, read on… Anyone who’s read my About Page will understand my motivations for starting Neal Audio, and so I’ll forgo that. Instead I’ll focus on some early challenges in my quest to develop …

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A Surprising High-End Endorsement: It Only Takes One Good Ear

Recently I’ve been getting to know a lovely woman. Angela’s not the music aficionado that I am, nor has she had any exposure to high end audio listening, but since music (and the equipment that delivers it) is such a big part of my life, of course I had to give her a demonstration of what my …

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Experiment: High End DAC vs. Pre/Pro in Home Theater

It can easily be argued that Harbeth speakers deliver the very best voice reproduction when compared to competitors at similar and often higher price points. Of course this should come as no surprise since from its inception, the BBC incorporated this bent into its design for that very purpose. This got me to wondering… how …

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Tune of the Week: Thom Yorke’s “Suspirium”

Some people can reinvent themselves. Actor Matthew McConaughey used to be known as a pretty face that lent himself to the big screen for cheesy romance movies. How boring. But then, after about twenty years of that nonsense emerged what I’ve come to call Matthew McConaughey 2.0, in which his performance in True Detective is …

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